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Sunday, February 08, 2009

last night!

i somehow did not really look forward to the night
with many possible factors

its pretty near...

i finished one on CNY
And i am doing the next one at the closure of CNY

but its fine
the last night tonight
and i was thinking since i gt up early
i might as well go amk hub and see if i can get some snacks for the rest

these few days are pretty tiring
quite a number of irritating PATIENTS

i am glad its the last tonight
i hope i get to do more of WEEKENDS please...

i have 2 off days thereafter
but sadly
it din meet with Hanz's last paper...

I am on Training Leave on WED!~
Wanna go ST' JAMES!

Can meet up
Office Hrs!
i hate training at BESTWAYS

the distance to walk
and also its as good as taking a train to work!
Tanjong Pagar crowds are Irritating
they always make it seem like they are the only ones rushing for work!

I Dunno why i have been missing alot about Taipei
missing alot about Bintan's sea
Phuket's Massage

i wanna go on a short trip again ASAP
When the next roster comes out i will see if arrangements can be made

Holidays are fun filled
and fat filled

i always come back FAT AND UGLY BUT HAPPY!

I have been missing the clubbing atmosphere in Taipei

did i ever tell u the clubs there are darn cool!

they have really CUTE bartenders showing off their juggling or whatever u call it skills and Hot girls dancing...

the clip is the girls from Luxy
naturally called Luxy girls hahaha

they have like 3-4 parts of performance each night

Hot stuff!

my cousin just reccommended me PHUKET BY tiger airways on MSN
and the round trip at just 150!

damn cheap
c/f with the last time i went!
dirt cheap!!!

any takers?
hurry hurry!


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