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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


i am rather pissed
word of mouth kills

tho i am nt so sure if its true
but i certainly did not do anything wrong
fuck em!

totally irritated
if u r not sure whats going on
dun anyhow say

damn it

i feel damn angry
my sister is not doing much
furthermore suggest such cheap and embarrassing idea for us to be deployed
in return we r like a laughing stock to others
for only 1 patient

and the damn sister there insist we take cases
ok la
i will do

but there r ppl telling me dun take
dun do
cannot do

there the sister says
ur sister nv tell u meh

then my sister says
of course u cant be nursing 1 patient
being deployed u can take cases
but not fair

fuck em la
no one is being helpful lor

hate them
to the core!

i am already trying my best
if u dun think i am
i dunno what to do

and best still dun send me there!

Dun be a bloody slave to the damn dr lor!

if u think ur arrangement is gd
or brilliant
i am ashame man

to hell with all these shit i am enduring
fucking tired

i cant wait till fri comes

the staff are fine
however i hate the management
even my own!~


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