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Friday, October 31, 2008


i enthu-ly set my alarm at 11am,
went for a swim

to my dismay and annoyance,
the damn YCK Swimming complex is closed for some Motorola Function!
The entire complex!

I was sweating so much already lor!
If i had brought along my std pass
i cld have sneaked in NYP
and collect my cert as well

anyway i changed venue to AMK instead
and the place hasn't changed!

I haven been there for so many years
like 5 years?!

and i rem vividly i used to frequent the place with my sec sch mates
we go there everyday or if not every other day
when we were 16

we finished our N levels and had hell lot of free time b4 the new year starts
we would go there at 9-10 am
and stayed there till 3-4

and we would make Guaz sneak out to get CHAO TAO KUEI
which is damn yummy lor!

those were the days
the place hasn't changed
not even a wee bit

and i was so happy
thinking back the old days
except that i am all alone
maybe i shld get together the ones whom i hang around there with
and organized a nostalgia swim meet up there!

then walking back to amk hub
i passed by the void deck study corner
where we had our POA tuition w Mr Low

all this is making me miss my old' life so much
one of these days
i wanna walk thru this memory lane

and snap pictures of these places where fond memories contain...

and gather my good frens along
and reminisce the days man


i had wanted to take out my hp and snap a few pics
however the void deck had some ah peks

i dun want em to think i am taking their pic


great morning spent indeed
gonna rest for tonight's shift
hectic and dreaded shift!


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