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Friday, November 07, 2008

is it me or it's her...

took over, ended up being super occupied thruout

the only time i managed to sit and chat was BREAK!

Not very happy with how it was passed over
doubt she knows whats going on
cuz she was giving me bits and pieces of info
and i think her shift ended with her still unsure of many things

and i felt she was not very auto to certain things
nvm she floats
nvm she is new

but at least show me ur enthusiasm or sth la!


a colleague says it does not matter to her what shift and who's she on with
she nv bothers checking

but it hell matters to me man!
like in such instances,

its not like there is so many unfinished business
she led me into a blurry state
where she is blur
and i get irritated
and annoyed
cuz i am led to think that its messy
and i got her mess to clear
and i got to figure out stuff myself.

enough of her...
and work...

finally managed to talk hanz into leading HEALTH LIFESTYLE With me

we have got really inconsiderate friends
we had pizza
and midnight supper that day

i desperately need to shed some kilos man
i am putting on back all that i lost when i went back to sch
its not like i am happy working

i find it a stress relieving activity
to eat
and enjoy GOOD FOOD

SINCE we are already so stressed up and worn out

my goodness
i am making an effort
which i sort of started early this week

but had supper twice


i know i will put on alot more
when i go TAIWAN next year JAN

its gonna be cny
hate it if the relatives comment like

what happen to u
wow u put on bla bla

sibei sian lor


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