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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


i was tired mentally after work yesterday
like i always did, i slept little on sleeping day
in order not to disrupt my usual sleeping pattern

hung out till late tho
watched a movie- Coffin at cine

i hardly watch movies there
and i seldom patronise the place i did in my teens
and it has changed so much
i go there only for dining thats all

the entire level 8 is so revamped
with those interactive games like WII to rent...
and u get private rooms to watch dvd!!

how cool is that yea!

its a nice place
shall head down there one fine weekday
and chill the entire day!

quite a few things happened during my nite
not exactly sure if its true
rather convincing

and the 3 nites were chilly
it was withdrawal syndrome VS hallucinations VS eerie...

thankfully it has ended!!!!

i sort of just woke up for the day man!


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