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Friday, October 31, 2008

jay chou

this chap nv fails to amaze me with his songs!

this is another good one i thought i kinda like...

there's one more which i liked the most at present
the arrangement is superberb!
i maynot be some music guru
but this is certainly gonna be one of his HITO!

Based on my experience
as a WALKING MP3 Then...

this is gonna be those heartbreak song!

listen to the climax
and the chorus music arrangements

plus the lyrics boost the entire effect!

i WANNA learn keyboard
so that i can sing and play

sounds cool
always imagining myself being in a rock band
more inspired by after F.I.R
and Evanescence!~


their webby is cool!

i may not have the power mighty vocals
but its like a mini "clean" fantasy to imagine myself
hur hur hur


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