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Thursday, April 17, 2008

mentally taxing...

the notes are making me so worn out!
spent the whole day mugging in the library
and damn...
i barely covered a few topics!

Anna Q's, I AM so not gonna touch any of the notes!

Woodlands NLB is quite cool~
we spent the whole day there and i kinda like the place
better than Bishan NLB

we had lunch at Jack's Place
as usual, w Audrey around, we are always seeking GREAT DEALS for students
BUT time and again, we get REALLY F*UP services when we asked for STUDENT MEAL!

The service at Jack's CAUSEWAY Point is ATROCIOUS
This lady by the name of HASH JULIE is frigging RUDE
she gave us this irritated look while taking order,
put out her hands asking for the menu,
like we owe her
i thought she is supposed to pick it up herself one by one~
she did not repeat our orders which i dun really care initially

then i saw her speaking nicely to another table,
who apparently ordered Lobster, Escargot etc...

then while serving desert,
she asked Judy and Cheryl coffee or tea,
and they both want each of diff kind,
she got it mixed up
and when she asked again
they said 1 of each,
she gave us a WALAU EH HAND SIGN!
With her palms opened,
like ursher that kinda signal~
I tsk at her immediately!

Cheryl asked for feedback form,
told e supervisor
and the supervisor said it was MISUNDERSTANDING...
not at all remorseful!



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