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Sunday, April 06, 2008


well i dunno if i am considered busy?

anyway have alot of agenda la...

I forgt if i actually blog about going to SAVH..?

RIGHT I Just checked...

anyway we went to SAVH for the visually impaired...
sounds damn cheesy if i say eye opener but it is!
besides the gadgets the blind use,
i think i feel for the most in the school...

those school kids are blind
and they still study norm stream texts
and their braille transcripts are far more thicker than ours!
and amazingly they do equally well!

many other details which i am a lil tired to do
but people if u guys are too free and i suggest u can go SAVH and volunteer

its always like a breeze
we had 2 major presentations done last week

Psycho-socio one was once again WELL DONE!
a lil upset over the misses during the role play but i guess its alright
and most importantly we had fun...
it brought some team members closer as well for this project
one more last one with em...

now i am supposed to be busy w the one i am doing with sumini...
hur hur after this!~

the past few days
i had some QUALITY time spent alone with my boy
we had dinner at raffles city on thurs
no idea the name of that place
but its Japaneses food and operates like marche where u scan ur cards...
I love e place
we whack like so much food
and the bill totaled up to like almost 80 bucks for just two of us...

we went to the used cd depot and got some nice cds
we like the place alot...
its somewhere we never missed if we are in Marina square.
I got a corrine may, a old speed album and he got emi fukata and Freya...

we met up on sat again...
for shopping at taka
hur hur and i din bring my vouchers!
we feast at hk cafe cine and met the guys for Prata at Jalan Kayu
which obviously sucked!
the service is damn bad
food is bad
and place is bad!

and so on, i tagged along hanz to T3 to send guaz off
he went taiwan this morning
knocked out damn badly on e way back!


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