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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

grow up people...

if u have been keeping in touch w my blog
u would have know that there are so many problem w the inter-personal issues in sch...

i always tot i have a part in it...
now i RAISED MY BOTH HANDS AND SAY.... i am not involved!

after bitching so much abt that malay gal...
she actually said mean- er stuff about my nice gentle quieter friend!

and that match stick- meiling,
she actually talk bad about my other friend...

perhaps being VOCAL
AND appearing to be strong is good
for it scares people off, even if they wana try ways and means to harm u.

Once again
issues struck today
upon stepping into SAVH
we heard arguments
i wanted to intervene, being big mouth u see..
but someting held me back cuz i was afraid i missed out sth and said the wrong words
anyway i felt that Vijay is too much sometimes

she simply act like a boss
and i can tell she treats her team mates like really her subordinates!
and well...

i hate the way she always say we r top students

but then again...
these people who claims they are senior and mature,
telling us they want out from tis bitchiness and stuff
creates troublesome situations for others...

the rest of the class,
only wanted to enjoy school life
enjoy student meals
enjoy my weekends
only to be casted in some plotted drama mama serial...
people helping us plot our story
and helping us act
helping us say things we never said, we never meant to even say...
all on our behalf...

poor us
give us peace please
I AM 25,
I rem i said i cant be acting like a 25 yr old all the time right...

i am proud of my 25 yr old spirit
for i feel that i am far more sensible than a 34 or 36 year old
who deems they are the only ones with family issues

who deems they have family or kids or obvious problem while we dun have...
who preach about sharing and then flare up over small issues...

i choose to differ from what some says
we have only 10 of us...
cant we be united?

we would love to...
provided that the integrity of others are well.
and whats more
we r not the same
i certainly wouldn't wanna be with people like that too...

Take it easy everyone
its already to the final pathway...
in just less than 4 months
then we bid farewell
and our paths may never meet again.


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