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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

pardon me...

well i guess being blunt sometimes helps
but sometimes otherwise.

i feel like oops i did it again.

i kinda 'hurt' a few people these few days
which i am aware of it.

i guess i totally did not realised the consequences of that action
and i believe i was air- headed to think it that way
it was seeing others react made me realised my mistake
but i guess i am too thick skinned to try and salvage
but i think i am misunderstood

if i have done sth wrong
it was that moment of reaction
i am pretty upset to be doubted
i guess its up to others to doubt my integrity
and if i was real...
but not decipher my intentions.
there's alot more in inflicting hurt or harm to one
and i felt i was being ignorant to one's feelings then.

its ok...
i learn from mistakes
i am sorry for the hurt i caused
but i have a clear conscience i dun intend to hurt anyone
unfortunately it was deem otherwise
and deem as an evil act.

thats how i carry myself
to allow people to think of me as that.
the more i explain myself
would probably make it more complicating
or maybe hurt others more in the process.

but does anyone knows causing unintentional hurt, hurts me too
seeing others being affected by me, hurts me
i know i shouldn't be doing that

but i guess
i just gotta be more careful in future.
i hv come a long way to be who i am today
friends who know me knows HOW ignorant i was then.

i shall shut my mouth
than to be sorry...

i had wanted to avoid talking bout it...
until i realised my intentions were misinterpreted
to think the first person i thought of was to inform her
for clarification and not trying to claim credits, i did help in understanding one particular topic right b4 a real test!
if all that was deemed as wanting to see one fail...
or maybe u think i was putting on an act?

anyway i had myself to blame
i shall not tell people my intentions to help
in case i do something wrong

today i hurt another person i believe
but i guess she has herself to blame
she is too PESSIMISTIC
worse than me!

and i believe she needs to get a life b4 she have any idea whats happening
obviously she still thinks she is pitiful
and obviously she is more concerned about how she people may be talking abt her
more than trying to change herself
to think i protected the rights of others,
but now learnt that others dun even think i am helping.

i told her thats life
stop the nonsense and get on with it...
but i guess at that moment i shocked many of em
and she was probably hurt by me

in dilemma man...

i shouldn't have been a kpo to listen to others
or offer to help others
then invite trouble myself
when i can't prove myself.

SORRY people if i hurt
i just gotta talk less
and MYOB


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