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Thursday, April 03, 2008

our lost childhood...

thats Audrey's house
those are her kids' toys!
Karen and i simply cannot resist reminiscing our childhood
we did play ma sa- ma sa b4 la
but the gadgets now are so C-O-O-L!

i was supposed to be reading the presentation slides for tmr
i couched after a FULL DINNER
slept on e sofa
walked to my room
continued sleeping
heard the theme song for 9pm show, yes the hahaha part
but just too tired to wake up

i woke up at 1.30!
gotta read my stuff
but i am blogging

Dinner lately had been GREAT!
e man in me...
my mum cooked nice dishes and soup
and S-L-U-R-P
simply delicious...

i feel the bulge again!


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