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Friday, January 04, 2008


its the usual, we usually go for buffet.

this year a lil diff cuz we went a lil later than usual. Its supposed to be for '07
but since 07 we had quite alot of parties going on eg: Sister's retirement and her treats and such.

Today's turnout was almost full strength.
and i felt totally at ease w my dear friends from work as compared to
my morning classes today.

side track a lil,
today is the UNOFFICIAL first day,
since as i said some gal called and told us not to come etc,

Sumini and i were mostly in our own world.
We sat at the far----------------------- end corner.
Away from the rest.
But i guess that's where we felt more RELAX

today's lectures were mainly introductory
and the worst of today is nt the classes.

well hung around and this leader of the grp sort of brought the people around campus and mainly cuz many of em either graduated too long ago or they had never really used the campus b4.

my memory is still very deep on this campus but totally felt diff from my ol' exp as i said.

BUT the bonus was i saw Wendy and Grace and Maslinna and Nadia!
My classmates during diploma days!

Chatted w Grace and Wendy during the intervals,
well, time flies.

but its good to see the same ol familiar faces around
but i supposed it will be best if my own clique of friends can come too...
a pity.

i'm nt sure how to describe my current thoughts and feelings about the course,
but i don;t feel stress at this moment as yet and i dun usually say i am stress besides choosing clothes or not able to decide on which to buy.

i heard alot about the course and expectation but i guess i am not the high flier and i tend to go w e flow and takes things in stride and hence i shall see take a step at a time, since this is only week one.

Speaking week one, i have got no sch tomorrow as well.

I was introduced to this webby by my bf,

online store for street wear and
i saw some nice Paul Frank stuff that i like.
he says he wanna buy me some stuff there and asked me to choose haa
thought the pj for paul frank r quite cute.
i chose a bag that i like, too bad the doctor bag i liked is too ex.

ok back to the dinner earlier,
well it was fun la.
we joked around as of how we usually do and
Sister lee joined us.
Guess she is happy too and she likes the photo album we created for her and she congratulated me several times too! HAA RETIREMENT= SENILE?

many many pics... i will post tomorrow otherwise this will be a LONG post~


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