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Friday, December 31, 2004


OT posting has finally come to an end... an early end i must say cuz we were released at 1230--> clap hands!!!

well well well... hated this posting to be frank... felt useless @ MOT... whn i hear ppl complaining tht they onli scrubbed 2 cases 4 tht day and it was sooooo little but wat abt mi... i scrubbed 0 cases in the entire wk and nt even a full time circulating nurse! I cldn put the lil knowledge i gt frm sch into use... and all i did was posing... by the way is pouring normal saline, pushing bed and helping surgeons adjust their slippin dwn oily glasses is considered an achievement... sometin tht i actualli practised!

Guess i will nv choose this speciality... nurses at the hospital r nt frenly at all... they dun care abt ur presence and they consist majority frm... PRC! And the perceptors in charge of us nv wrked w us at all, nv talk to us the entire wk nt even b4 marking our books... the onli interaction-- givin bk our diaries and askin if we r interested in joinin em! Wat the! One moment she was tellin my AN fren tht she regretted joinin OT cuz she lost all her bed side nrsing skills... nw she onli knows hw to be a scrub and circulating nurse and the nxt moment she is tellin us hw great this speciality is! And guess who gt the highest marks??? The gal who evaluated tht OT POSTING IS THE BEST POSTING AND I WILL LIKE TO COME BK AND WRK HERE! Furthermre she is someone who dun stick to her assigned theatres! Well well well they reali r desperate 4 staffs ya!

Nevertheless... i dun reali care abt the marks... cuz i m reali happie i hv ended this COLD posting( referrin to both the temp and the ppl) IS tht the way to lure and attract more staffs if u treat student like this...? NVM...

haPPie NEW yr my frens! 2004 is endin in a few hrs time... here we r welcoming 2005 and at the same time, sch is strtin on mon! NR0210 students may we make full use of the final 7 wks we hv in sch... cuz we will nv hv the chance to study together in the same classroom animore... sob sob! NR0210 rox and we will rock thru the 7 wks!cya


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