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Wednesday, October 06, 2004


here i m sittin alone in the com lab of shs!!! Cold and hungry cuz my class onli starts at 10 and i went 4 my re test just nw and nw i have to wait till the class starts!!!... haiz... manage to pass my re test but felt that i din reali do well too... looks like u guys will nv see mi wrkin in a & e department nor ICU cuz i noe i simply suck at it~

tried to write my written assignment but to no avail cuz i 4got to bring my guide but i did wrote the intro... which is like crap! ahhaha

i m feelin damn cold lor and i feel that my hands are nt able to type out well cuz its like frozen! HAHA so if theres any spellin mistakes, u noe y!!

tonite plannin to go zouk 4 mambo nite! whahaha... hopefulli its still on and hopefulli they dun put areoplane~ haha... shall updTE AGAIN cuz i reali cannot take the low temp in this com lab!!!!!!!!!!!!! byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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