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Sunday, December 26, 2004

MAny thanks

Today is xmas... merry xmas! Thanks 4 all the pressies i gt... i reali liked my stuffs this yr...
Gt a card frm a colleague of mine... m reali happy tht mi being such ignorant k actualli mean so much to others... =) she wrote mi a card and the contents of the card reali warms my heart... thanks... gt a poem on top of a pair of beautiful earrings frm heman... the poem is reali well written! Thks 4 ur hard wrk of sewing the beautiful studs of my initials on the sweater... sth u promised mi! =) thanks.... cat 4 the card written, the ot shoes, the cd! Thnks Nor nOR 4 e shirt even though i hv it le but at least it means great minds think alike! Thanks 4 the mouse pad even though i dun quite get wat the beanie is 4! haha duh!!!~ thanks 4 the countless greetings and smses u sent!

We gt a log cake @ wrk today but mishaps happens yea and the cake was smashed! The smasher was s o guilty tht she broke dwn... no one blamed u reali!!! We dun mind havin nothin left so dun take it too seriously yea...

we human beings r just so ever sesitive and emo tht whn mishaps happened... we cant help it but get upset, affected etc... of crse i m one of em and i dun deny i m quite over at times... i m just wondering whn we developed feelings 4 sth ...we go 4ward, picked up the item and consider buyin it... or we just get it stat... but whn we fall 4 someone... we dun do the same... they are ppl who will do exactly like wad they will do whn they facny an item but at the same time, there r ppl who choose to wait wait and wait... if u r lucky... u k be w someone u reali adored but if u arent... its just too bad...! PPl who choose to wait alwiz hopes 4 miraacles... surprises and wished reality is just as wad they hoped 4... but whn they r tired... they wonder hw long more they hv to wait and frm there we k see frm the msn log ins... many nics actualli mean sth...

love is sth tht is just so hard to understand... u like him/her he sun like u... he/she likes u ... u r nt interested... whn both parties like each other, they have a barrier... if the barrier is another gf/bf... thn u will hv to wait long long! Thts love in my pt of view...


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