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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

lies!? mask? i reali dunno!

i m beginnin to feel reali lost... bcuz i suddenly dunno what is happenin ard mi! I realise blogs has been commonly used as a tool to speak ill of otherS, but they disguise it bcuz the whole blog look as though the writer is writting a philosophy... or biography. Maybe i m nt gd in this and maybe i haven achieve that level of standard that i dunno hw to achieve that just as yet... maybe i shld just stop bloggin or read other ppl's blogs b4 i start to interprete things in my level of english standard and start to get annoyed, upset and betrayed... dun worrie... the incident at tut is long over and this blog def has gt nothing to do w that incident...

i guess advice for avid readers of blogs... who constantly read other ppl's blogs. U guys prob better stop readin as u dunno whn ur close frens or frens u assume as close comment abt u in a philosophic ways just bcuz they doubt ur language ability and think otherwise abt u posessing that tad bit of understanding ability to be able to noe what they are gettin at... well as i said i dunoo hw to do that just yet hence whatever i blogged always tend to be so obvious... but i m tryin hard here... hopin to achieve that certain standard abilities... but at the same time i like to do things which is that tiny hints that i m referring to the writer...

thanks... aniwae i dun accept what u blogged... haha, cuz i feel otherwise abt what u wrote and if u mean it in ur philosophic way just 4 laughs! u r referring to urself! nv say things whn u dun realise u r actualli doin it... alk big abt hw much u hate this and hw much u hate that! well at least say it whn u r nt doin it or perharps no one noes u r doin it! But so sorry that u blogged some philosophies yet u r doin against ur philosophies... sorry philosopher... attempt fail! RESUS perharps helps... bu try harder nxt time!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

its impt. to b honest to urself as well as others. Mayb some ppl shd use the word 'we' instead of 'they' weneva they comment. Allowing or giving others a chance to reveal ur mask is sth which i felt terrible. Well..tt really gona change everyting on how ppl @@ u.. No matter how gd a person u r...ur strength...will all b overlap by ur disgusting fake mask.. TTs it..its more than enough.. sigh..if its true, => DISAPPOINTMENT.

23 October 2004 at 2:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sigh~~~ u everyday write all these types of blogs ...is it to vent ur frustration or kb in the blogs? i wonder do u tell the person directly? If u didnt, i think u haf achieved tat kind of standard abilities as u haf mentioned. I dunno whats going on. BUT, i strongly believe tat people who write philosophy is a way of their own expression of feelings. They actually trying to express their feelings or thoughts in a way of hoping the opposition can understand their feelings. Probably its a better for them to express themselves? I doubt thats any backstabbing or betraying for behaviour like tat. As long as its not abusive in words..i think its absolutely alrite and neutral. I think tat u can choose not to read its philosphy if u dont like to it. Eyes are grown on ur face and not on others...brain is used for intellectual purpose and mouth is used for clarification not zip-sealed unnecessarily or Unsealed unnecessarily.

thats my point of view...

2 November 2004 at 10:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PX_yes indeed to kao bei... i wont let him/her noe directly but as i said its obvious thru my little hints! If u feel that its perfectly alrite in ppl writtin philo... fine and thn u shld be feeling its alrite to KAO BEI in blogs... aniwae if ppl k express thru blogs y cant i... and if u dun like to see the kao bei-ing thn dun read lor... its nt like i asked the whole wrld to go read my blogs...

whn i read it... and whni noe i m involved of crse i will comment it! and in my case i chose to comment on my blog... its ur pt of view and so its MY pt of view too!

i m expressive, vulgar and st... i hurt ppl unneccessary w/o knowing it but at least my conscience is clear... i dun make use of ppl, i speak my mind becuz i feel that i m true to myself! And i fight 4 myself based on conscience... misinterpretations occurs so be it... if theres no bkstabbin and betrayal well i misinterprete it la... aniwae mine are just my thoughts and feelings outta impulse... sorry if i hurt others... or if i kao bei too much... maybe just like wad u say u k choose nt to read it if u dun like...

2 November 2004 at 2:09 PM  

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