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Friday, December 17, 2004


AT first i tot hse was gonna be a fun postin but i was wrong... cux all we do is travel travel and travel... to patients' hse and service em. Well sad to say i was so tired thruout the visits and at times i fell asleep on buses, cars and even while the SN was cleanin the wound and patient's granddaughter pointed to mi and said out loud hey she is slpin! DAMN SO paiseh... but thn i m reali tured prob bcuz of the travellin. Tlkin abt travellin ... i alwiz kena posted to those damn far hospitals or polyclinics and just becuz i m nt bonded! Wad the hell man dun they hv thinkin abilities! The further they send mi, the more unlikely i m goin to wrk there in future! Wad the hell they think it wld be beneficial! Nt at all! tHE damn excuses they give wiil be u r nt bonded or they will insist that singapore is small transportin is ez! Damn so hw abt my transport expenses? I gtta wake up damn super duper early and go out whn ppl r just getin up to get ready! hate it!

Bt aniwae... thats life! i just gtta get used to it... some ppl get away w praises w/o doin much while some wrked hard yet get nothin but scoldins... some ppl r born w a silver spoon in their mouth and they are ppl who simply lurves to boot lick... all sorts la... so wad shall we do... be a dwn to earth person and do wat we deem is right? Probably...

HSE is so tiring and routine... bleahzzz...


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