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Monday, October 04, 2004

i m BACK!!!!!~~

its been quite a few days since i updated my blog ya... whooh thanks to azhar!!! Credits to him 4 the new outlook of my blog!!! hahahaha... intersting and ya w a tag board!!!

its has still been the same 4 mi... i still go to wrk and sch as per normal... well feel that i m startin to get bz w the datelines comin up 4 the handing up of our individual assignment and also w the exam timetable out! GOSH all nrsing science modules! GOODness...prayin hard tat i wont get like all Cs...

went to IMH on sat, a truely brand new experience just like O&G... I MEAN experience la...
we went w like a few adv dip seniors and we arrived at the ward, all the doors requires a key to access... whn we were at the outside of the locked door... saw alot of patients walkin ard and we heard damn loud screams... that was quite scary... i remember choonz, chen yan and haixia lookin worried. Whn we walk in... many patients just walk 4ward and started to wave enthu-ly at us... one man kept repeatin himself in hokkien abt something saturday, something 505 bucks haha... choonz was so scared and i was la initially but thn i overcame it whn i saw hw the adv dip handled in a damn pro manner.... subsequent whn he approached us i just nod my head and agree w whatever he says! haha Whn he came initially, this adv dip guy shooed him away haha... seeing that we were rather worried... haha he's quite cute actualli w a goatee... oops

aniwae we had games w em and boy they actualli like performin so badly... all like kept walkin up to volunteer to sing and dance! And we met all the funni ones that mas and azhar had shared whn they had their visit there!! haha... at one pt, i suggested we on the happenin music to open to the floor and dance and the response were great! all just walk out and started movin along the music and gt a few invitations to dance and they said i was so famous among the maddies! hahaha... true ya... onli the mentally unsounds appreciates my beauty! But nevertheless i had great fun w em despite such shrt time...

lookin 4ward to my imh postin... but thn i heard thsi time rd we will be visitin to acute ward instead of chronic ward but hopefulli the exp will be fruitful as well!


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