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Friday, December 31, 2004


w the attachments and all... plus my prt time job, i m reali tired... i feel so worn out... had to wrk like 7 days a wk... no rest no free time nothing! I m reali tired... i feel tht nt onli i m deprived of slp.. i m oso neglecting my frens... they complained tht all i have in mind is wrk wrk and wrk nothin else! Sorry frens... i dun mean it...

well... alwiz onli had a job onli in the hols... but this is the 1st time i actualli stayed on a prt time job 4 so long... come to think of it... its funni hw i started wrking... a fren wanted badly to wrk... we sortta went 4 interviews together and gt in... she left aft 4 days and hre i m touchin half a yr soon! But somehw i reali gtta noe many interestin ppl... and happie to say many whom i clique w! We had joy and we had fun... and we had times whn we r all in bad mood and still overcame... things strted turnin wrse but somehw the grp of us stood together and fought thru... nt 4 gettin the poor manager...

many a times reali wanted to leave bt i tot of em.. hw badly they nided staffs... but i m reali tired...

talked to em abt my thoughts... asked mi to think abt it... i tot abt it yet, they din wanna accept...

plssssss gimme a brk k... i m realllllllllli tired le... so so so tired... just grant mi 4 once willl u???

i m tired...


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