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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Belated V-day!~

this comes a lil late...

but my V-day this year was a BLAST!~
i spent my time with my precious BOYS!
my other girlfriend is sick
so i got them all!!!

Beibz and i, under the reccommendation of Yeoz,
visited this place in Elias Road, Pasir RIs Park
yes a lil ulu

Beach Culture
The food's quite good
Terrific Ambience
Live Music...

Unplug style...

its facing the sea with some sea breeze
unfortunately ours was a BLOCKED view

but then the lightings made it all comfy

thats some difference btw the day and the night


anyway the food's pretty yummy
i enjoyed most of it
the wine
the soup
the main course
the salad

not so the dessert...
the brownie's like a ROCK CAKE!

or have they got mixed up with the 2 recipes!?

the meal was a lil pricey
and the poor boy paid for it


we went to some small lil quiet corner
exchanged the gifts
and i am glad we both like what we have gotten for each other...

we headed down to cine
to meet other men

we wanted to play WII
but we were on waiting list
ended up cracking jokes
people ogling
popping corns
sipping tea

but we managed to wait till our turn which is 1150 already
so btw 10.30 to 11.50
we spent our time and money catching toys!

its our fave past time now
we get satisfaction from it

ho ho ho
we managed to get 5 eventually
not sure how much we spent in all!
cuz everyone kept rushing to the counter to and fro to exchange coins!

i am so busy now
i am going to upload some really way back pics...
i dun think i can finish it today
cuz i am joining guaz and frenz for a movie at Vivo

we are watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button!

i am like finally gonna watch it
heard quite a few good reviews
and a fair share of bad ones too

i hope i will like it!

i will try my best to upload the pics real soon!!!


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