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Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Xmas!

this came a lil late tho


it had been a really busy week
the chalet
crash in at work

the tiring shifts

i slept at 8pm till 12.30 noon today!!

i slept like a baby!
or perhaps more than a baby!

recieved some lovely pressies
and THANK U!

tho it haven been exactly enjoyable...

i learnt to let go...

heard some comments from several people
whom i find those accusations highly irritating

claiming i am best friend with this and that

someone must have started all these unkind remarks about me

be it...

i would rather what is said is made known
than hinting to me that whoever is my best friend and all...

or making some untrue accusations about me...

i rather they not talk to me at all
than pretend to be nice

then once in awhile spurts out such remarks...
which not only irritates but hurting

i do my job
i do what is given to me

i may have spell out some grievances openly
but i do not harm

dun even talk to me
if in your heart i am evil


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