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Friday, December 19, 2008

fa la la la la...

this is the time of the year again
these few years
when xmas is round the corner

i often sigh...

u mean the entire year is coming to an end?
and u mean one year has come around!

time flies

when i was younger
i will get all excited
and my aunt used to give us nice pressie every year but insist we open it on xmas day itself

i would secretly peeped and i know whats for me
yet act like i dunno
and get up really early on the morning of xmas and open!

those were the days

i have some last minute shopping to do these few days
i haven really gotten anything yet my my close friends

am really glad the nite shift is coming to an end now
i am fearful of what the new roster will be like

since there are some changes in the staffing

there are certain things that i dun like
and am really pissed n upset with yet i am unable to say it out

and there are feelings which i am not so sure about and
there are things i am unsure of
yet unable to sort out my thoughts...


BLessed 2009

Its probably gonna be a tough year ahead

stay happy!


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