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Sunday, November 23, 2008


parents went M'sia for a short trip
no one's at home
i woke up late
had instant noodle
and watched Cable

all's quiet
and bored
w/o my mum dozing off on the sofa
waking up suddenly and insist the tv's too loud
and her constant loud voice
and repetitions of events she insist being funny

i miss her!

after someone intro-ed me to KOKA noodles
i crave for instant mee more frequent
and i would choose this brand in particular

i'm falling ill
the discomfort at the back of my throat irritates me

come to think abt it
and w some exaggeration,
i haven rested for half a mth

had worked 10 days till off day post nite
thinking its a good 2 days
i was deplyed
and off was cancelled
and worked another 5 days

till today
but with a failing health

and worse still
unappreciative superiors
who aint helpful
and spread untrue and unkind remarks

thankfully i survived the good 5 days
working with new ppl
and uneventful and pleasant 5 days
except the bloody sisters of both wards!

undergoing a phase where serious thoughts as to certain decisions
which may change one's life
i am still unsure
and i am still apprehensive
after all said and done
hurt is inflicted

i am almost giving up i think

haven been looking forward to work nowadays
because of something
someone i guess

i am glad i aint the only one feeling it
but well
am in no position to comment afterall

i hope
something will change
someone can change
somehow will know

that this is not tolerable...

tmr's another off
had initially planned something w guaz
it seems like we are down to two

gonna forsake e plan
i may just stay home again for some sleep


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