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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


MY new TOY!

I got myself a new mobile
Save the details about why when how bla bla

loving the exterior!
its so pretty!

still trying to familiarize with the functions
and the touch screen
virgin experience with LG products

5.0 mega pixel!
which is so COOL

MY BF'S crazy with the games now!
its like a mini mobile version of WII nitendo
where u swing this thingy around and it moves!


a lil update
came back from an uneventful leave
was specializing the high d patients since sunday

had a bad day on deepavali
i have all the help i could from my partners at work

damn suay lately
which demoralized me a great deal
feeling i have a part in their leaving
or their deteriorating state...
since i am the primary care-giver...

we currently have a confused ++ patient
which i pray hard he will get better by the time i am on nite on fri!

Friday's night is so not anticipated
being a WEEKEND ONE but with non-khakis just puts everything off!

seriously man...

cracking my head
who to specialised then!
most likely one more commando op


the few days
was SO EVENTFUL that it tires me so much
haven met up w anyone
badly need rest

worried about the situation on friday thats all...

had henna done on my hand on saturday
and regretted it lor

whenever i see my hand
like when i hold the mug to drink...
i feel like chopping my hands off
it is so not pretty
i asked for sth simple which ended up occupying the entire dorsum!?
and so tak-glam flowers

i thought she was gonna sabo me by drawing a tortoise lor!
ya thats how bad the bud of the flower is!


extremely proud of myself today

not a good thing to happen
while i was walking to the interchange w him...
this approaching man kept staring at my U KNOW WHERE...

my mammary glands are def not his eye level
making it ridiculous to LOOK DOWN WHILE HE WALK TOWARDS US
Literally staring i should say

I did not reveal any extra fats
or cleavage
nor it was bouncing extensively cuz its a good bra i swear by it
and i dun feel the boing...

and ok...
my bf verified it too

except my interesting RADIO SLING WAS ON LA...

and when he passed me
i shouted KAN SE MO KAN!

really loud

which shocked him
shocked my bf
and scares this passerby A

this CKP
stopped and stare at me

i saw him jump a lil when i shouted at him
for a moment he was looking rather fierce
so i stared at him
and he walked off hurriedly!

my bf was so puzzled

but anyway
i had justice done to ckp!~

he actually JUMPED OK~

heh heh heh...


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