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Sunday, March 30, 2008

officially *mute*

i am in a bad state now.
Not a good year i feel....

The doc says i have throat inflammation
the coughing is so bad that i lost my voice!
Ytd night was so bad that i cried.
My throat was so so so so painful.

MANY new happenings each day
so many new explosive ones tht i have forgotten some small details

after a planned careful week
we finally threw AGuaz the earliest ever b'day party
*coughing damnbadly again*

felt a lil sorry
cuz i slpt almost thruout ytd...
but luckily beibz was there to represent me haha

we surprised him by booking a hotel room at hangout hotel
and we decorated w balloons and banners
and birthday cake and liquors

HE was shocked.
According to him until now! haha

sorry that we cannot be around actual day
hopefully this made it up a lil.

Checked my email
found many many emails
nope not attachemnts but how they felt!
Some things happened and i am too sick to even joined in
but i somehow got some head some tail...

and i sent one mail too saying how i felt towards the issue
it may hurt even more
but at least its from myself and not from some irrelevant others... who might have heard or interpreted it wrongly and added in her own thoughts too...

i dunno...
see how lor

i feel that the whole class is facing some problem
anyway... maybe my past experiences taught me to be a stonger person
and one who weighs the impt aspects
and maybe now i am more concerned if my voice can come back by tues cuz i gt a presentation!

whatever it is...
i dun bother liao la
i still like schooling
and like it it not it is really coming to an end...
enjoy it b4 all u know,
u will start to miss it.

Sumini, think maybe u r too bothered about those comments
being a conformist is good.
We need people like this who are calm and more easy going in a team
at least when problem arises, it will not get so bad
unlike my group all so vocal one...

P.S 2*
i FELT i was totally harsh on him
but sometimes his responses and carelessness made me felt so miserable.
my throat was really SO PAINFUL
and he says it was in my mind! WTF
anyway... i noe he was filled w remorse and thank you anyway. LOVE U!

P.S 3
happy bday guaz!

P.S 4
Thanks alot S.H.E
they were so meticulous and accommodating to me...
sometimes a lil better than my him...
I WILL COME BACK! SCREAMS! IN my chao seah voice~

now i talks in really weird pitch
and it always breaks...
i can;t even hum along e tunes i noe on radio...
and i call out to the rest in PSST...


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