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Thursday, March 27, 2008

what have i done?

well well well...

firstly THANK YOU to all the well wishers!
I got a prize in the SGH IDOL...

i din thought i could make it
since i sort of screwed up with the mixed up of the verses
and the most CHALLENGING part of the lyrics i screwed up!
I was confident because i thot this song could help me alot
but i actually FORGOT THE verse to the challenging part...
i was a lil sad.

And this time round it was like everyone was so nervous
i feel more off form than the Union one last year
but i am happy...
thankful to all those who came
and all those who told me they believed in me!


i think my god is helping me too...
i was having sore throat,
it resolved that day
and that day i had like lotsa phlegm generating
and hell...YTD I had e cough
and now i am losing my voice!
the phlegm are like AT MY THROAT!~

I FEEL so busy lately
but whenever i reached home
i am so worn out
and i do nothing...
i feel so lazy
feel like a bum
in a month's time
i have 3 dreadful tests!
and 2 EXAM papers...

our research proposal has been postphoned!
but some of em are not pleased about it...

and we are getting irritated with Miss Matchstick...
she keeps telling tales and as usual spoiling our group dynamics
infront of other group and her chee cui.. (foul mouth)
keep making comments or statements of our apparent group's voices
BUT WE did not ever said all that

damn kpo right
helping us 'TALK'
SHE IS so bz making up stories of her own to represent us
well we can't be bothered with her already
dun pissed us off
if not we will announce to the whole world how LAZY she is!

I am in e midst of baking now...
gonna share w my classmates tmr
while its in e oven

and thinking if i shld do one more and bring to e ward...?


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