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Monday, March 31, 2008


i am sorry i still doubt the weather weeks ago
was wondering how come it still rain so frequently
and now i wished i could bring back last weeks!

Over e limit i can withstand!
U noe la...
fatties sweat alot!

Its day 4 of my MANhood...
still coughing.

tmr is presentation...
just hope i can be pitch clear for say 5- 10 MINS?
my parts are not so long tho...

I am so dying for a getaway

MAYBE i cant wait till AUG or oct le
I MUST MUST PLAN ONE after the exams

Everyone's going away
Guaz going Taiwan next week
Sweaty is going China
My bro is going Taiwan too

My classmate just came back from HK

in a fix
I so wanna go for a hol...
i so wanna enjoy AL like b4
BUt now i so dread work ...

i love school schedules
i know a lil bitchy
i noe i din used to say that
i see my frens so often now that i cant imagine being a no-lifer... again

today we HUBBED again
Audrey has been influencing our taste buds alot alot
we went HUNTING for student meal!

and we actually shopped at this ulu factory outlet alike shop called SONG AND SONG in amk central for an hr or so?

Got a OL' navy tee for 3 BUCKS!
AND ambercombie and fitch for 5 bucks!


gotta finish up my stuff
damn slpy now
i slpt at 6.30AM TODAY
WOKE UP AT 7.15am


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