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Monday, October 15, 2007

i thought i had just...

complete the sentence...
and it would be finished one round of night shift?

Totally terrified of the upcoming night shift from tonight till friday morning,
Since the last round of night which made me damn demoralized

I can only PRAY that ALL'S WELL!!!

Sat, went vivo with Linda and Jinliang.
Kinda fun...
bought donuts again.

that very night beibz and i went ECP to camp.
Well i know complaining would disappoint him so much,
i din really whine that much, not even BITS...

but... the weather was so HOT!~
EVen at nite...
even when our tent was near to the sea,
And random couples(i bet new lovers), irritating bangalas and some other random ppl will walk really near ur tent, u could see their shawdow and also hear their voices...

And well, did nothing much, went there late cuz of my vivo trip,
drank some beer and bacardi breezer
watched hk drama,
listened to the radio and i fell asleep.
Woke up several times, by his snores (yes he slept well i assumed!)
by those loud random ppl,
by the mosquito bite... (tired to woke him up telling him i got bitten expecting him to light the insect incense but he continued sleeping)
by him talking in his sleep...

I never automatically wakes up so early and i did this time round.
Made him wake up too and we packed up and left.

Went to the so called famous place for crabs in amk.
long queue,
waited like almost an hour for the crab,
can't tell the big diff in the tastiness with the rest except the queue.
Just that we held actually GOBBLED UP 30 MANTOUS! those small buns!~

then we met rachel for drinks and gossips...
its been quite awhile since our last meet-up.


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