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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

post night.

its been my busiest night shift ever,
so had been for the rest.
But one of the enjoyable one...
with people u like.

ON the record,
post night... we went Tiong Bahru for Mac breakfast and chatted till 10 plus,
shopped around the mall till goin 12!
POOR LINDA got called back
she was damn HEROIC lor.
Haj din wanna go and she assume i won't as well and its true...
i was dressed up to go out already when i received haj's call.

Felt better...
was told Aunty's death weren't our fault.
And well, i think we have really done our best.

His birthday is coming...
excited cuz we r gonna have a BBQ.

went shopping alone ytd.
gOT sth...
but thinking of getting one more item but so craking my brain yet CLUELESS.

Shopping alone is TEDIOUS.
I cant consult anyone...
and no one to talk to me and makes me really sleepy!!!


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