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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

pretty satisfied.

some random pics and the pics we took frm MIND CAFE

well, the long awaited pay increment letter is HERE!!! The hike was more than wad i expected so rather satisfied, esp e fact tht way b4 i recieved the cash i've spent it... gt myself a new pair of glasses yest. Nt reali overboard la since my last pair was made in 2005. But counting e no of times i actually used it erm... (smile sheepishly)

Changed my shift e MA tomolo for the SGH BADMINTON tournament tomolo. Playin doubles w HAJ and we so had never played together b4 nt even like a practice session! Haa but for the fun of it and to think i am our ward's health ambassador man~!

cant wait till sat simply becuz of

  • PAY day!~

  • my new specs is hatched

  • my off day (so nice ya)

  • shopping!

might catch a movie w bei... MR BEAN'S HOLIDAY since i redeemed my sunperks rewards pts for 2 cathay movie tix hee~

gt beri disfigured face and very BLOCKED rt nostril!

cldn slp yest cux i was coughin and i was erm unwell la~

OFF I go... scv ch 255 my fave show~


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