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Thursday, March 22, 2007


just gt back frm the SGH BADMINTON TOURNAMENT.

Well, whn we gt to know our 1st matches' opponents tot we're just gonna lose bUT TO MY UTMOST surprise we won 2-0

2nd MAtch which was the semis, damn lor my stupid ex- beloved RED PRESTO was torn freakin torn in e middle of e match, i heard laughters behind, i had to play bare footed

was trashed!

gotta go back nxt wk 4 the 3rd and 4th placings... hmmm surprised and satisfied

was a lil anxious and enthu during the match showed a lil of my irritated face to haj whn she din do too welll oops so sorry man but GREAT JOB BABE!.

HAVE TO get a new love- perharps one i eyed for awhile NIKE I supposed...

but absolutely thrilled! Suddenly wondered if james is around cld have asked him to join me in the mixed doubles...

made up my mind to be more actuve in sgh events since sister appointed me as the ward's health ambassador which no one reali noes!

havin some backache and leg cramps but super happy w my performance and i aint so sad abt the loss cuz i knew i did my best for a UN-TRAINED Un pro player... jack of all trades master of non haa but was tad lil bit embarrassed by the stupid shoe incident and pissed by the laugh-er and the stupid guy who kept clappin whn his frens (our thrasee) scored!

gtg... snoozing


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