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Friday, March 23, 2007

major body-ache

post strenous exercise effect is acting up today...

every lil move i made is so unbearable! Mt range of motions are badly affected! I walked differently, i feel like dying whn i tried to squat dwn and pee!~

bz like mad today, shouldn have said tht yest, said tht i dun usually admit cases NEI NEI~ had so many hrly eyedrops and sudden early post op admissions killing me man~ freakkkkkkkkkk

din go for break so went VIVO w linda and ate SUPER-DOGS haha gave her a long expired coupons aniwae she is so funny lor kept holdin on to me, so afraid tht she wld get lost and she was so funni whn she walked past e shops and stared at all e signs etc

2molo is a HAPPY DAY!

  • MY Pay! Hmmm pretty happy w the GROSs UPSET W the deductions!
  • But i think i wld be a old rich 55 yrs ol woman yrs dwn the road cuz my cpc acct is RICH HOHOHO
  • MY speckies

JUdging frm the above think i m a BAI4 JIN1 nu4

i spent alot on clothes, shoes, bags, assessories and entertainment!

maybe we shld go k-ing , its been a long time i went w bei to the HALL~


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