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Thursday, March 15, 2007

polygamy shit!

walking out to take a cab yest, aft i left bei's hse, we heard ppl shouting, being so typical he suggested we go check it out and as we went nearer, we saw like a malay family having a fight at the playground and it was like 1 plus in the morning!

so this stupid bei, who initiated to check it out asked me to leave, i was a lil irritated cuz he sorta gave me the appetiser and nw he cancelled the main crse!

From my brief scan thru i witness a few characters...

  1. MAN= JERK= Husband
  2. Woman-short and plump= BIG wife
  3. woman- tudung, Younger and slimer =2ND Wife
  4. Girl- 1st wife's oldest child, 18 yrs old
  5. Boy- 1st wife's son, sec sch age
  6. Boy- 2nd wife's son (below 10)
  7. Boy- 2nd wife's younger child.

Well imagine based on the above 7 characters, its enough to wake the neighbourhood up ya... all the above are just based on my assumptions... and imaginations

Ok... first i saw the 1st wife realy mad at the man, the supposed husband, she was crying out damn loudly or shld i say wailing! And thn screaming her lungs out at the man and the supposed 2nd wife... thn she started to oushthe 2nd wife and hit her reali hard on her head (all these r real ya!) Thn the tudung 2nd wife fell to the ground... the man gt angry and tried to stop her... the oldest daughter(girl) scream damn loud too... i heard like a few ppl crying and shouting...

thn i walked to the bus stop liao... was talking to bei abt meeting time today and was scolding him on why he refused to let me watch... thn the stupid man ushered his 2nd wife and the two young boys to the void deck near us, the tudung was no more on her heard most prob pulled out by 1st wife during the fight... thn the two youngs boy looked scraed thn and the 2nd wife was recky-ing the situation... the man went back to settle la apparently... thn while later the man came back and hurried them to the pavement and hail a cab!

As u noe singapore cabs are so freaking yau kwee esp MN lor... wow brakeeeeeeeeeee just in front... the 2nd wife and the 2 boys was abt to get on, the 1st came runnin out shouting and scolding and she started to hit the 2nd wife the man gt reali angry and pushed her to teh ground she brought herself up and fight till the end lor cant rerali explain but it was reali fierce... thn the eldest daughter ran out too crying and shouting tht sorta let the man gt away...

the 1st wife sat on the ground crying, so did the daughter and son of hers...

i turned to bei, told him the 1st wife is the most pitiful one nw. there she is on the floor w nothing left... i dun blame her for turning hysterical...

i told liza, haj and halic and i was thinking this is shit... its so unfair to the females... apparently the usual reasons for huge fight and its so common are

  • $$$ money
  • spend too less/ much time w the other

and it is common... haizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

my advice is nv get involved w a married man, malay esp...


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