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Friday, March 16, 2007


there is a saying - chou4 pi4 bu4 siang3 , siang3 pi4 bu4 chou4

which literally means noisy fart dun stink whereas smelly ones makes no noice...

being havin those silent ones today, haaa and try this ... i was on the couch watching my cable tv and i gt the urge to fart... i let it out onli to realise my cushion was undernearth... remove the cuzhion frm my under my butt and it STINKS!!!! HAAAAAAA turned to my mum and told her haa

oops one more frm me... "poot"

the lingering smell was all around esp i cld feel it coming frm the pillow hahahaha

aniwaez, i always tell ppl those smelly farts smells like egg and i always enjoys my "home made eggs" i tot it smells gd... but i cant stand those done by others though heheh


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