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Saturday, March 10, 2007


Nurlizah organised an outing yest... which she tried to call alot of e staffs but onli a handful made it... many came... most of which are ex-colleagues, felt great to see ma lizhi... i love her to bits man!~ And to my utmost surprise she still can rem hw long i've been w may bf!~ haa she is one of the most OPEN, funny and ez goin PRC fren i hv... wrked w her for awhile but a great partner "in crime" too haa... she left for OT was so sad but thn again feel gd to see her! Was tellin her tht i often see her name chopped on the op list and she was tellin me whether anione notices her name haa and she told me tht she often saw my name in the reports wanted to write a note for me tellin me i miss u and it sort of brought tears to my eyes! I LOVE HER!

I went singapore river w liza, she was waiting for paki and they will give me a ride hm aft tht, chatted along e river... told her i find myself lucky to find close frens at wrk and she was saying she dun hang out as much w her frens outside but i still do, i think my frens outside are still closer to me in terms of wrk and esp my longtime overdue frens...

i miss HK CAFE hear my pleas frenssssssssssssssssssssss

gtta bathe, meeting bei! He gets reali mad whn i;m late haa


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