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Saturday, March 17, 2007

cant get BBQ outta my mind~

since last nite or rather yest aft i wanted so much to have a bbq, gonna organize one 4 my ol' time buddies... hopefully next sat. With those make-shift aluminium tray w charcoal beneath tht kind~~~

just finished my 1st nite, slept on the train till i dun feel as tired nw...

i think besides having born in the year of the pig, i resembles the PIG to the core~ which bei will so agree to the belows..

  • sleep alot! As in ALOT!
  • my room= pig sty (but i'm so comfy w it!)
  • pink and fair
  • adores piggies stuffs
  • binge madly!

damn, i think i owe my disgusting FATS AND OBESe ugly body to my laziness and my LOVE for ZZZZZZZ... I sleep aniwhere, easily and anitime

Liza hates takin the train w me, cuz i sleep like in one stop?

Bei hates it whn i slp on the public transport which i does it almost all the time... cuz i get grumpy whn i cant slp well

Eb and the rest hates callin me whn i m slpin...

my mum tiptoes into my room whn i m slpin

someone disgusting malay/indian or dark skinned PERVERT took pic of my skirt whn i was slpin on e bus! I dunno whn he gt on and wad he did till e auntie behind me alerted me~

i slp in almost all the movies... i wld say a nap la...

i cant describe hw much i love to slp really!!!

Somehw... talkin abbt slpin in e movies i esp slp thruout whn its those dumb comedy... eg: my super ex gf or sth, and watever V sth... the bus ride one

or else i m yakin non stop or disturbing BEI hohohoho


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