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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


i'm nt exactly upset w it nw but i find certain things and certain reactions or responses from ceratin ppl very very disturbing at times...

its true i m one who gets irritated easily, gets mad a lil easily and interpretations of certain instances might differ btw diff ppl ya!~ I hate it whn i get ans or replys which obviously are exctremely EGO-ISTIC , STUPID thos like obviously it hasnt been thoiught abt b4 its blurted out...

i wld beri much wanna be somone who shares all ur sorrows, woes and happiness but i dun see tht... obviously i supposed its ur problem or mine, Its just tht u r too narrow minded to think of melike tht or u STILL duno me well enuff.

aniwaez, i still hv encounters w LONG TIME SUPER LONG LONG time frens who still duno my wrekin hrs!~ wth man! I gt sneered tht i m wrkin on a sunday! BLEAHZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


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