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Friday, March 09, 2007


bleahz... i so wanted to rot in my bed but i tried my best already... keepin my fingers crossed cuz i was (NOT) expecting a call frm the ward to say they need staffs badly! I M ALLERGIC TO WRK MAN! Ouch...

the prev weeks was quite a breeze cuz even during night shifts we get BURNS ward deploying staffs to us cux their total was super low... they even had no patients, frm CNY till nw... but the exploded flight in jarkata, they r expecting a few... true enuff one came in yest and one more industrial accident guy frm sg was admitted... So 2 patients in ICU and i heard the SG guy is gettin married next week! SO SAD!

TALKIN abt marriage, since young, i wanted to get hitched by 22yrs old, ya i hv passed tht age already, nw i duno whn and i cant cfm a age animore... gtta be more realistic ma! haa... my best fren frm sec sch said she wanted to get married at 18 and she gt it and 23 due to unforseen circumstances... but i find it cool to be a young mummy at least nt like whn u r still in the schling age but the worrying part is the MONEY! Nevertheless i find it sweet to noe u're gonna see ur child grow up yet u wont grow so old rt! Mybf's mum is urgin us to get married soon... my 10 over years frens r like R U SURE U WANNA DO IT SO FAST ! as in young la... well i yearn for it but we gtta be realistic, till we achieve tht specific status in life thn can we proceed to another level, i dunno if u noe wad i mean but aniwae in layman terms we r poor! haa! I pretty much think i noe him enuff and am truely satisfied w hw he treats me... but thn again prob waiting till a more acceptatble time will secure a safer marriage.


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