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Friday, March 09, 2007


MY darling boy has done it for me ya!!! My new bloggie... has been reali girly lately which i so dunno why. But thn again i m very satisfied w this. I supposed i will stick to this nw!

Had been beri much suffocated by wrk lately... my every other week semi permanent night shifts is already a killer... everyone tells me tht "wow so gd wad u earn alot wad!!!" But wtf lor, e more u earn e more u spent, i duno abt u but def it relates exactly in my instance! And i m damn tired... many a times i feel myself sinkin badly into my stupid dwns again... i always find myself pathetic whn i remind myself all the ppl are slpin at hm, i m wrkin whn i m slpin my day away ppl r bz! I feel like i slp my day away and wrk my nights off! Devastating ya!

I noe its stupid whn the laments starts all over again... but i find tht through this way i can relate myself more and express myself better, as thoughts la... nt tht i can write well!

As i was saying i'm suffocated w wrk, i hd been on day shifts these few days n e ward is MAD HSE! 1stly, 2 trachy patients, at least 5 HIGH D status patients and specialisation.... (my ward sis is so particular abt trachy pts and specialisation due to an incident thts y)

save the details... went hm reali late yest left the ward at 11 plus and mind u im e first to leave k! Nt tht i m selfish but i always think tht i hv done my part and beyond my part stimes and i dun see the need to stay and hang ard askin for wrk... whn i cant even save myself! And i wanted to wake up early so tht i can reach e ward early this morn cuz it was GRAND WARD ROUND! BUttttt damnnnnn i over slpt and CTE was JAM PACKED.. PLUS THer was A 4 cars Collisions! Ouch and sumini called up to hurry me...

i tot i m doom cuz sister knows i m late and the round started w/o me, the high d i/c! Tot i wld getit, looked realli apologetic and said sorry phew she din scold me merely mentioned tht i need to get 2 new clocks 4 my bday haa! And she even said i improved lately haa... linda said cux i haven argued w her 4 awhile! Perharps! haaa

Still stayed till late today and my FLY KITE SESSION WAS cancelled! Bei so sorry...

aniwae had my PPA done, nt exactly e best thing today... a grave and careless mistake i made last year cost me a better grading... haiz

its so realistic i find... i know i ought to be responsible 4 my doins and i dun blame anione 4 this but i find it ratehr upsetting and disturbing. I gt no one to blame but myself yet i regretted n hated myself for allowin it to happen... No doubt we dun mean it and nv wanted it to happen...i'm still penalised 4 tht...

i've looked ahead and so has e rest... regrets made me stand strong and alert myself to be careful...

i dun exactly noe wad i want as 4 nw in terms of career but according to e astrology star signs this yr i m nt suitable 4 transfer haaa i shall mention this if one day i have to be transferred!~


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