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Thursday, February 19, 2009

no more training

my training ends today

and well
i guess my training schedules this year has probably been met...

the training was fine
except certain lectures were rather DRY
and my lids were damn heavy!
was having really severe ptosis!

and i was right under her eye!


there is this guy in the class

really BIG
he is damn tall
and big size

reminds me of this old classmate from amkss
who can get on people's nerves easily
and irritates people!

and Daniel has actually left a scar on me
it happened during F&N lesson
where this dumbass kpo wanted to take out my curry puff frm the oven
yet not know where to place it

i turned
wanting to tell him where
and he was like f*ing close to me

i got myself 2nd degree burns
and now i have a scar
like Bella...


its damn painful!
i cried
and it took a long time to heal
no ssg needed

i swear i saw my delicate skin melt on the spot!

this daniel lookalike talks damn alot
and gives alot comments

his is pretty eloquent
but his outlook is very scary!

i know this is quite discriminating
and like slapping him with some label

but wth
he wears this Oakley style specs
which is obviously meant for shades and those normal myopic glasses
and he has really flat nose
therefore uses his fat cheeks to support the specs!

he poses questions to our simple presentation
and it almost seem like i was having a debate with him

no hard feelings
but my group mates were rather pissed
not knowing his reasons for asking!

but anyway
the past few days were really fast
i had hell at work
was damn bz
i was ic

and i was doing loads of crap shit

not really sure of many stuff

i missed out some impt stuff too!


poor lew apologize for not teaching me!

i was the one at fault but she apologize!

its crap man

i dun wanna be an ic
damn shitty!

i am going with Hanz to meet SHE
his Long Time idols!

he won a pair of tic to meet em

he must be thrilled!!!


some of the vday pictures


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