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Friday, December 05, 2008


my awaited off day...

someone asked me if i am feeling tired
physically or psychologically

i replied perhaps more of the psychological aspect...
which is more taxing since i cant get that outta my mind...

another 3 weeks to suffer...
and another 4 b4 my AL

Sat's another post off day morning shift...

as an IC
i am so gonna die
since i noe nuts abt the cases in the ward!

have been really busy
thankful to those who really care
and those who offered help
or rendered help

i joined The HAs after work
Hajar and halij plus another H!~


we had donuts at Raffles City while waiting for Haj
and then walked around
ended up spending money on a dress i tot was pretty

i missed the episode if lil nyoya yesterday!
i feel aslp at 8pm!

i was dead beat!

trying to upload the pics we took at Linda's place on FB
but always fail!

here are some of the pic


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