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Friday, November 28, 2008


The trip today to the zoo was fun!
i haven been to the zoo for so LONG!

its afterall a nice place
even tho it was so humid!

We brought Anita and Ting's mum around

I think Anita sure enjoyed herself!
We wanted to get her a souvenir from the shop
but couldn't find sth nice
therefore we developed a photo taken by the staff there
with the parrots and gave her

it was nicely framed and she says she wants that

DAmn lor
Not heartache over the amount we spent on her

but more like
what a gd way to earn our money!
no wonder zoo is so RICH!

and yup we visited the MURDERER WHITE TIGERS!


this is a footage of the accident

and these are the involved murderers

after which

today's Choh Hoon's bday


we had a meal at New York New York AMK
and she said the spagetti taste so good
and even ask choonz not to try so much as it wasn't really a big share

and guess what
she found a metallic like foreign object in it!
it looks like those we use to scrub pots and pans!

and we handed to the staff who took NO ACTION

But our dear friend still continue eating HAPPILY MAN!

But in the end we sort of brought it up to the manager
as the two whom we confronted were not that tactful

the b'day gal actually suggested another packet take away
instead of a new plate or a waiver!

but we got a waiver la...

here she is with her long awaited CAKE!


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