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Sunday, October 19, 2008

stop fooling me around!

i ain't no kid...

i have enough of these excuses or
reassurances or empty promises!

i have got no big dreams
but i wanna move on!

i am caught at the cross road
with no where to go...

i am willing to put on hold to achieve the same goal
however its my wishful thinking...

gimme an answer
and i can move on
it may not be where i wanna go most
at least i have a solution

its been really hard on me these years
thru thick and thin
i cried and i moved on
i forgive and i forget

though the future always seems vague
i held on the faith i have for u

this is really not what i wished
and definitely not what i want

no words can explain how i feel exactly

i am ready to let go...


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