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Thursday, October 16, 2008

updates finally...

haven been updating
lost the interest in frequent updates

but anyway i am busy
have been hanging out alot alot lately
spent like mad
and now...

i wish pay day could come a lil faster

made the wrong decision
took 167 thinking i can change another bus
ended up wasting double the time if i were to wait for my bus!!

and i stopped at macritchie
to change a bus
thats when i remember fondly the good ol' days
where i had attachments there
and some fun times as a green horn...
and that bus stop is where we take our bus home daily
i learnt my bed making there...

looking into the reservoir
i thought about the days where annual cross country are held

the milo truck and
the funny incidents that happened...

well the good ol' days...

busy with eveything
AL's next week
we are planning on a trip to BEAUTIFUL BINTAN maybe

not confirmed yet
even the trip next year, we are having some problem.

Its his birthday next week
and our anniversary
sounds cheesy
but well...

3 years already...

saw chirstine yesterday
she looks fine
except she lost all her hair to chemo

she is brave,
really really brave

she was handling it really well
as far as i can see

she did a bone marrow aspiration
and wisdom tooth 2 hrs ago
and then i saw her up and about

when i had my wisdom tooth extraction i was in great pain!

she mentioned about bone marrow donation
and transplant
having thoughts or trying to see if i am a match
but somehow afraid
and we talked about insurance
i think its high time i think about my future...

hurry hurry PAY DAY
hurry hurry AL!!!


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