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Sunday, October 05, 2008

must WATCH~ and TODAY'S fun...

we just came back from a movie.
It was GOOD!

Haven caught a nice CHINESE film for awhile
P.S* Linda, Must watch w ur BF!

it was quite suspense
and kan cheongz

some parts were quite hilarious and
there were moments where people REALLY CLAPPED!

i asked ur highness why they clapped
and she was like, erm, just clap along!
and we did!


anyway the acting was quite good
and its abt this lady being kidnapped
and she managed to connect some wires and got dial tone from a damaged phone
and she called the lead, Louis Koo
who dunno her at all,
hesitant at first but helped her eventually

Mr Naitre,
because of the watch we gave him
treated us to A atas! chinese dinner

machiam like WEDDING dinner style!

decided against going for the auditions tmr

i am not prepared
not very enthusiatic
no company
and scared...

i shall slp
and do some stuff...




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