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Friday, October 03, 2008

off NIGHT!

My first round of night after my 8 months absence!
I have completed it not at ease tho but not too bad either

Nice Team of workers
had fun
and we were BUSY!
Despite having a PH in it...
2 trachy
2 irritants who speaks in foreign or barely can make up sentences
and this poor man hates all of em and wanted to beat em up
which they threaten to CALL POLICE and he got MAD!
Angeline says he's like my bf
only listen and talk to me!

like what mr jag says
all two two
2 trachys
2 police case
2 mrsa

bla bla


stii haven gt time to upload some photos
in the entire week i haven used my pc at all!

feeling a lil down
and a lil uncertain about stuff
trying to straighten my thoughts

its 11 plus and i haven gone to bed
we had prata earlier on

many plans and dreams i have i guess must be put on hold

some upsets along the week
sometimes it wasn't meant to be a check
or fault finding
it was just asking or reminding
which ppl mistaken it as the other way

fine then...

i can't just keep quiet and PICK UP all the mess

take it or leave
if there's any unhappiness with it fine...

thats life

if i am meant to be alone
i have to be

somehow fits my feelings
tho not exactly i lost someone
but i feel sad...

i dunno why...


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