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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

do u believe it's heaven's will?

a friend related to me her sad story
story of her life
which makes me wonder...

marriage perhaps aint the best afterall...

my only plea...
NEVER EVER INTERFERE with other's family...

its damn sad.
in just a week
i heard 2 really heart wrenching stories
happening to people around me.

which makes me negative about the happenings around...
and maybe not THAT look forward to a married life
since ...
u never know what may become of u...

and him...
or her...

i hope for the best...

its really tough for life to go on at such states
and its really alot to handle for poor women!


Whats Singaporean Men becoming~

work today was quite enjoyable

we are going yum cha tmr~

this is really a FAT week
i shall start JF-ING Next week

JF= Jian Fei.


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