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Sunday, July 27, 2008

new skin, new hair colour, new... new... new... anyway loving it!

i like the new skin
very cutie cutie sort...

a friend quoted once from his friend
who said

"when i was young, i used to hate those aunties who over- dressed or don on heavy makeup, now i know why..."

totally true
i used to hate CUTESY Stuff
but it seems like now
i go " wow so cute!" shriek!!!


spent half the day at the hair salon
trimmed a lil
and splashed a new COLOUR!

but so not nurse-sy!

hoping i wont get reprimanded and ordered to do sth abt it!
cuz i kinda like it!

sometimes i pity those who are not keen to dress up
but sometimes i envy em
since they dun really spend much keeping up with trend and all

love clothes
love assessories
that can beautify myself
this, i somehow relate well with Guaz

our flair for stuff somehow sometimes does coincide
which we hardly acknowledge the similarity
and often choose to brush it off!

hur hur

kinda excited
cuz the trio are planning for our 2nd and 3rd trip
8 years back?

we went on a HISTORICAL FIELD TRIP TO Thailand
when we were 17...

we will go for a short trip to KL
Right after school on FRI!
22ND Aug
(starting work on 25th~)

and Korea
we are going to the Natas
hoping to get the deal!

(wink wink)


once again
these happy moments makes me satisfied with life

times spent w him is equally blasting!
trying to be a better person
so does he...

yearning for something nice to come about
really really soon...


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