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Thursday, July 24, 2008


busy with attachments and all
been at ECS For this week

catching up more this time round with routines and work
nevertheless there are still stuff which i think i am quite useless at

school's almost drawing a closure
in barely a month

there is some baggage we may be towing along
besides the bond and years... bla bla

i supposed expectations.
a lil worried
being outta touch
and what others will expect of me'

yet i wanna prove to people who never thought highly of me that i can

met Liza on the way back fews days ago
we decided to hang around for drinks since we coincidentally met on the train back

had a talk with her about life
future and all...

some things need nt be spelt out that clearly
i am not exactly expecting or

what the good things that may come along for me...

as usual
yet i am kinda sad at how one's abilities can be determined by people who know nuts about whats happening and all...

like i said,

when u r new
people notice u for ur capability
people can say u are good
u are fast

when u are no longer new
people will not praise u for getting work done
for solving problem

people will try and find fault
or catch u at fault

perhaps even when u suggest something u probably get doubted...

thats life

thats why

i still dont look 4ward going back...

maybe because i know i do not have that many choices afterall...

looking 4ward to Sat
he is finally having a free Sat for me...

many planning going on
many dreams we share
hopefully we can accomplished together... :)


Blogger triftan said...

Of course we can! Love you!

25 July 2008 at 1:45 AM  

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