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Sunday, July 13, 2008

it;s ALMOST National Day...

my block being the RC block...

has its own ELABORATE WAY every National Day...

Why Elaborate...

they PURPOSELY make ALL residents put up a flag
to show APPRECIATION for the nation...

the keyword: MAKE

hence we have got no choice
those flats that were accessible,
the members or shall we say vlounteers or grassroots members go hanging la

but since i lived in the corner flat
they just gtta knock knock knock

My parents are really funny people
they dun get enthu at all with matters related to Our nation
except when we get payouts!

and we never hang flags until these few years
when every neighbourhood seems so eager to show their love for the nations....

and i guess my parents grew older and relentlessly gave in to the urging

last year they AUTOMATICALLY hung up
we haven gt people knocking yet...

but as i was sitting at the void deck and chatting w beibz yesterday night

i commented how superficial it is
just bcuz we have a rc
and u "zng" the block till so "Flag-gy"

and what about the opposite blocks!


my assignment is almost done up.
openly admitting that its done

(deadline tmr)

so i hope people can stop interrogating me about my progress

it has been an ultra irritating week

i feel people are not so sensitive towards my thoughts and feelings
but then again
i could have misunderstood their goodwill...

but sometimes
its a triggering point

all these while
i accept every comments made
and until a point
i realised things are not what they see

i have my reason for doing this
and sometimes
those assumptions made about me are not explanatory

yes call me sensitive
but the least b4 anyone made a comment about things we do
spare a thought about us.

i guess that incident probably made someone really pissed with me
and i wasn't trying to target him or anything
but i just dunno how to put in words for them to know

forget it
how others wanna see me as
what others wanna say
i absolutely have no say or control

like how i always lived with my principles

as long as i get things done
i do no wrong
whether u like me or not
i cant be bothered

say whatever u want
since i have always been judged, misunderstood by many since young due to my exuberance...
whatever they see is how i portrayed myself

instead of changing their perception
maybe i should change myself...

i shall take some pictures of the wonderful lil gifts i recieved last week

provided i have some time...

here's the new national day theme songs 2008


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